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    Efficient operation of your dust collector depends on the knowledge and ability of the people who maintain it
Maintenance Services
Preventive Maintenance Services
Performance Evaluation
Design and Technical Services
Emergency Services
Visi-Scan System

Financial Services

Maintenance Services  
We provide experienced specialists who can handle repairs and maintenance work quickly, accurately and economically.

Typical maintenance calls include;
       Remove and replace filter tubes, cartridges and cages
       Clean compartments and seal leaks
       Empty and scrape down hoppers
       Clean fan blades and housing
       Repair shakers and pulse cleaning equipment
       Repair damper valves and airlocks
       Shake down and recharge Ultra Filtration units
       Clean and repair fabric filters (subject to MOE approval)

Preventive Maintenance Services  
We will design a planned preventive maintenance schedule that fits your requirements.

Typical preventive maintenance services include;
       Regular physical checks on equipment condition and operation
       Record gauges, static pressure and air volume readings
       Visi-scan leak detection
       Minor repairs such as rehanging or replacing filter bags, adjust damper valves, setting belt tension and repairs to differential pressure meters.

Performance Evaluation  
We can diagnose your problems and tell you what is required to bring the system up to acceptable standards.

Typical evaluation includes;
       filter media performance
       Air volumes, static and differential pressures
       Inspect condition of:
            - housings, ducts and dampers
            - fan drives, blades and housing
            - shakers, diaphragms and solenoids
            - conveyors, airlocks and disposal systems

Design and Technical Services  
Our personnel has years of experience in the design, specification, installation, commissioning and even operation of all types of bag house dust collection systems.

Our knowledgeable staff can;
       Evaluate your dust handling requirements
       Design dust hoods and pick-up points
       Size ducting, fans and stacks
       Supply and install baghouse equipment
       Commission the equipment
       Turnkey contract that includes all the above

24 Hour Emergency Services  
Klenzair is available day or night 7 days a week including holidays. Our fully equipped vehicles are stocked and ready for all your service requirements. We will get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Our technicians will talk you through your dust collector problems at any time, 24 hours a day.

Typical service calls include;
       Poor Air Flow

Financial Services  

We can provide custom financing solutions to all types of credit worthy businesses;
       100% financing on all types of dust collection equipment,
              including ducting and hooding through leasing
       Purchase of your existing dust collector(s) or other equipment and lease back to you
       Lease of used dust collectors of your choice

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