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    We provide replacement parts for all makes of dust collectors
Replacement Parts
Dust Collector Parts
Visi-Scan Equipment
Replacement Parts  


Replacement Parts - Air Filtration Media

Woven Fabrics (Multifilament, Monofilament and Spun Fibers) in;

Knitted Fabrics in Polyester


Non-Woven Felts in various weights (Needled)
       Polyester with or without Scrim support
       Polyester with Acrylic coating

Cartridge Filters
       80/20 cellulose polyester blend
       Spun bonded polyester
       Polyester and nomex felts

Dust Collector Parts  


Dust Collector Parts
       Filter Cages
       Diaphragm valves and repair kits
       Solenoid valves and repair kits
       Gear clamps
       Solid state pulse timers
       Shaker bars, pins, brushings and eccentrics
       Tube hooks
       Magnahelic and Photohelic gauges
       Slide gates
       Rotary valves
       Tipping Valves

Visi-Scan Leak Detection Equipment  


Visi-Scan Leak Detection Equipment;
       Ultraviolet hand lamps
       Replacement bulbs
       Tracer dyes in Red, Yellow, and Orange
       Low and high temperature grades
       Manufactured in house to ensure consistent quality.