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Klenzair provides maintenance services on dust collection equipment that started in 1970. Klenzair Inc. was incorporated in Ontario in April 1991.

It is a privately held corporation with offices and operations at 530 Seaman Street in Stoney Creek, Ontario and in Napanee, Ontario, both locations being in close proximity to some major customers in the Steel and Alloys, Woodworking, Chemical and Rubber industries.

Our goals are to provide:

  • Integrated and complementary services to our Customer's engineering and maintenance operations.
  • Emergency response around the clock for repairs to dust collectors.
  • Easy and convenient source of supplies for use in maintaining dust collectors.
  • Finance loans for new and used equipment through leasing or asset loans via our associated Business Finance company 'Spectrum Business Loans'

Klenzair Inc. employs 12 Maintenance Specialists. The experience of the group totals a very impressive number of years; e.g. Mr. Matt McLaren has been in this profession since November 1970 (over 30 years!) and others have experience of 10 years and more. There are some with less than 2 years with our company whom we consider still in training with our crewleaders.

Operations Management is extremely knowledgeable in this service industry and troubleshooting your dust abatement systems is his specialty. Brian Banfield, our Operations Manager has a broad range of experience and he ran his own company before teaming up with Klenzair Inc. He enjoys tackling the not so common problems of the dust collection equipment and will be pleased assist you in bringing your dust collection system back to your standards.

The owner of the company has served large companies in the past in maintenance, process and plant engineering as well as manufacturing and operation management; he has degrees in Engineering and Management Science and recently completed instructions as Business Finance Consultant. Bert Wierenga has been in this service business since 1989 and owns a Business Loan brokerage company. He can therefore give you solid engineering advise on your dust collection systems as well as assisting you in capital project requests at your company such as new or used equipment leasing, even purchase/lease-back of your existing equipment.

We offer technical services such as evaluating existing systems for performance and efficiencies as well as making recommendations to improve existing systems or to propose new air filtration systems.

We will assist in design, fabrication and installation of new or used dust abatement equipment including the commissioning for your guarantee and satisfaction.

Our crews of specialists perform preventive maintenance on dust collection and vacuum systems by routine or periodic inspections; they will make minor repairs during the inspections when required. A standard inspection report is issued following the inspection by the inspector, which are followed up by our technical staff with proposals for repairs, including costs.

We carry maintenance parts such as filters, cages, diaphragm and solenoid valves and their repair kits as well as shaker parts for most makes of baghouses.

We manufacture and supply leak detection compounds for tracing leaks in dust collection systems in two major colours or provide custom colours on your request, to conveniently and effectively allow for checking and rechecking system performance.

Our crews are safety trained and certified in safe working procedures of handling toxic and designated substances. They are certified in St.John's First Aid procedures.

Klenzair Inc. provides its Customers with quality services to maintain their equipment running at higher efficiencies resulting in reductions of downtimes and improved performance of dust abatement equipment that satisfy all environmental requirements and assist you in performing to ISO Standards.

Klenzair Inc.
530 Seaman Street, Units #9 and #8,
Stoney Creek ON L8E 3X7
Tel: (905) 662-5007
Fax: 905) 662-5773

Klenzair Inc.
120 Centre Street North, Ste. 206,
Napanee, ON K7R 1N3
Tel: (613) 354-5220
Fax: (613) 354-0121

                            Toll Free: 1-877-599-9600
                            e-mail info@klenzair.com